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Torre Pellice is a nice and small town of about 4500 people. It is located in the southern valley of the Turin province, close to the French border line.
The territory is extended on kmq 21,22 at 516 m high.

The centre of the town is made up of a little medieval centre, with many shops, restaurants and pubs. The Residence Provenzale is situated in the principal pedestrian street of the centre.
Just outside the town, it is possible to go for a walk and join the hill and mountains paths.

It is possible to practise many sport, thanks to the numerous sport and leisure centres, the ice-skating rings, the tennis courts and the football field, the paths suitable for horse riding, walking and jogging and the swimming pool.

Torre Pellice is particularly lively in the summertime, when it becomes a touristic place for the townsmen that look for a natural, fresh and quiet environment where spending their holiday. Also in winter, it is pleasant to spend your free time in Torre Pellice thanks to the nearness to the Alpes, where is it possible to practise winter sports as ice hockey, skating and sky.

The town of Torre Pellice is rich of history and culture, and it is centre of the Waldensian world. It is possible to visit the Waldensian Museum, the Waldensian Library and the Waldensian College, where you can find important elements of the Protestant culture of the valley. The Waldensian population have given their contribution to create a fine gastronomical tradition, very appreciated in the rest of Italy and abroad.

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Casa Vacanze Provenzale

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